It only took a month!

Deerskin - Robin McKinley

I've been a busy bee as of late! So busy in fact, that it took me a month to finish a 300 page book. It shames me to even admit that. Really though, aside from being busy, I had a really hard time getting into this book. While Robin Mckinley can write, quite beautifully I might add, I felt like an observer throughout the entire book and not part of the experience.


I just didn't click with the story. It felt very distant, like watching an event from far away that you're briefly interested in only to go about your business a moment later. I wanted to like it, and I still think I'd give some of her other books a chance because she really does have a very poetic writing style that I was quite fond of, but this particular book fell really flat!


Here's hoping my next book choice goes better! (And hopefully doesn't take me a month to trudge through!)  :)


And on that note, the next book I'll be reading is: The Alloy of Law By Brandon Sanderson. As a big fan of the Mistborn series, I'm really excited to step back into the world of Scadrial and see how it's changed!