Warbreaker - Brandon Sanderson

Warbreaker has been on my ever growing list of books to read for quite some time. I’d been saving it, knowing that it would be a single novel that I could enjoy without having to dedicate myself to reading a series. Having read (and loved) some of Sanderson’s other work, I was really looking forward to this one.

Unfortunately, having now finished it, I find myself a little disappointed. While the unique magic system and world building that Sanderson is known for is present, I felt a strange detachment from the characters. If there is something I really love in books, it’s the characters! The fact that I couldn’t really connect with any of them made for a very tedious read through the first four hundred pages of the book while I waited for something to happen.

After that four hundred page mark, things really picked up and I found myself actually intrigued by the events happening in the books. I actually started to feel something for the characters, but that close to the end, it was a bit too late.

So, in all, Warbreaker was an interesting read, but it failed to effectively get me invested in the characters and the plot dragged quite a bit through the middle. Without that page turner of an ending, I probably would have given it two stars but the ending redeemed it, so I’m giving it three!