Red Seas Under Red Skies - A Review

— feeling amazing
Red Seas Under Red Skies (GollanczF.) - Scott Lynch

"It is a favor," said Locke. "A favor to me. You save my life all the time because you're an idiot and you don't know any better."


I finally got around to finishing Red Seas Under Red Skies...and oh sweet baby Jesus I can't even talk right now. It is rare, so very rare, that I find a second book in a series that is better than the first. Besting The Lies of Locke Lamora is a hard thing to do. I absolutely loved the first book, but it was a slow burn for me. It took some time for me to really fall in love with the world and the characters.


But this...this was a brilliant, witty, heart wrenching ride and I loved every second of it. Jean and Locke are by far some of my favorite characters in anything I've ever read and having a whole book of them and their banter made my heart swell. And speaking of Jean, if I could marry a fictional character, I'm pretty sure it'd be him. So, hear that ladies and gentleman! I'm laying claim to him right now! 


I feel sorry for the book that follows this because there is a very good chance it is going to seem absolutely terrible in comparison. I might need to take a week to clear this from my head for the sake of what comes next, unless of course I jump straight for the next book in the series. I might squeeze in a few smaller books before I do that, because I don't think I can handle all these feels.