Of Writing and Slow Reading Progress

— feeling excited

So, you ever get so busy in life that you just start to feel like a snail could crawl across the planet faster than you could read a book? Yeah, well, that's kind of how things have been lately. It's not a bad thing either! The reason for my currently sluggish pace of reading updates and reviews has been for a very specific reason.


The novel that I have spent many hours staring at blank word documents for is officially in the editing stage. I don't know if someone slipped something into my morning tea, but seriously, something happened to me. I went from procrastination master to typing so fast I thought my fingers were going to bleed. I went from 1/3 of my novel done to completed in a couple short weeks and damn does it feel good!


There is still a lot of work to be done. I'm taking the rest of this month to do a quick run through on my own and edit what I feel needs changed and then it's off to the beta readers and rounds and rounds of editing. I keep telling myself not to be too excited, but I'm really freaking exciting! I can't help it!



So, I really haven't disappeared. I'm still around and I'm still reading, just..very...very slowly. The good news is I'm going camping next week so I'll have lots of time to sit around and read! I'm sure I'll have a review or two to type up when I get back!


I hope you're all having a super amazing summer! I really look forward to catching up on all of your posts when I return from camping! :)


Question time: What are your summer plans? Doing anything fun?