Of Monitor Deaths and Sadness

— feeling cry

Fair warning, there will be whining and sadness in this post.


After a couple weird weeks with my work schedule, I finally got two days off in a row to enjoy sitting around the house in my pajamas with absolutely no obligations whatsoever. Two days off in a row is great. I can spend all of one day being completely and utterly lazy, reading and gaming to my hearts content, and  then spend the next day getting stuff done like grocery shopping, laundry and working on my book.


Today was supposed to be my work-really-really-hard-to-get-my-first-draft-done day. I seriously need to write maybe, MAYBE another 25,000 words and it'll be done. DONE! Instead, my day started with the death of my computer screen. I knew it was coming. This monitor has had issues before. In fact, it had ended up in a recycle pile and was brought back to life before I ended up with it. It's been very, very good to me. But today, it decided it was done with life. It didn't want to work for me anymore.


What should have been a productive morning ended with me crammed under my computer desk trying to separate wires and not get tangled in them and trying to get cords from point A to point B, even though point B is entirely too small for my chubby self to get to. I didn't make this computer set up easy on myself by any means. Why make it easy when you can have a challenge!? Amiright?


Seriously, computer screen!? WHY U DIE!?!


The problem, while fixable, is a bit beyond my level of knowledge. It requires prying the back off the screen, replacing tiny little parts and soldering. Yeah, nope. I have many skills. Being able to fix stuff like that is not one of them.


So, what's a girl to do? Well, if you're truly desperate, you cram your 32 inch TV screen onto your computer desk and use that as your temporary monitor. I'm pretty sure this will spell death for my eyes, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make at the moment until I have the funds to get a new monitor. In the meantime, I'll be writing my book on this giant monstrosity all whilst going cross eyed. A worthy sacrifice, surely.


On a good note, this rant has been a great writing warm up for the day. Hooray. ;_;