Tigana: A Review

— feeling tired
Tigana - Guy Gavriel Kay

Tigana is one of those fantasy books that has always been very highly praised. I came to know about it through my aunt and she very highly recommended it. My first attempt at reading it ended badly, however, and it ended up sitting on my bookshelf for quite some time. Fast forward to the beginning of this month and I figured I should probably give it another shot.


Maybe my first go around was a good indication of how my whole experience with the book would be. I'll start by saying that Tigana isn't a bad book by any means. In fact, it was very well written. It even has an interesting premise going for it. Essentially, the book is about a group of rebels trying to restore the name to the place of their birth, Tigana. The land was stripped of it's name through foul sorcery, effectively erasing it from the minds and lips of everyone but the people that lived there.


The author did a great job of showing the struggle of dealing with something like that, of having the land of your birth stripped of everything as if it never existed. It was such an interesting concept, but one that ultimately fell flat throughout the entirety of the book. Pretty much any of the story revolving around the rebels bored me to tears. I just wasn't interested in their plight.


There was one particular story arc that kept me going through the book, and that part of the story dealt with a woman that grew up in Tigana, saw it's fall and devoted her whole life to killing the tyrant sorcerer who cursed the land in the first place. Only problem is she finds herself facing very conflicting emotions on the whole matter of killing him. Her story was amazing. Absolutely and completely amazing! If the whole book had just been about what she faced, I would have found the book infinitely more interesting than what was presented to me.


Instead, I got to wade through 500 or so pages of stuff I was only mildly interested in to get to the stuff that I was super interested about which didn't bode well for my levels of enjoyment. 


All in all, there was definitely some interesting things going on in this book. There were parts of it that I found to be incredible, but it made up such a small portion of such a large book that I found it hard to get through. For the right person, I think this book would really stand out, I just wasn't that person...


The Short:


+ Very interesting story concept

+ Good characters

+ One particular storyline is AMAZING!


- Slow burn; takes a while to get going

- Felt too long

- Not a lot of action to keep things moving forward

- Some characters were introduced really, really late in the book